Commercial Mediation and Arbitration

Millions of business transactions take place annually. Disagreements over these business transactions may develop occasionally

These disagreements can be solved by mediation or arbitration. These 2 process are regarded as providing superior solutions for resolving business disputes than court litigation

Many of the disputes are also resolved by arbitration, the voluntary submission of a dispute to an impartial person or persons for final and binding determination. Arbitration has proven to be an effective way to resolve these disputes privately, promptly, and economically.

Commercial mediation is a processed used to resolve disagreements that occur in commercial relationships. This can include disagreements over materials, rights, and contracts.

A professional mediator often is a lawyer who has completed an additional training program in commercial mediation. He or she has a combination of legal knowledge and expertise, as well as the skills necessary to reach a resolution that is agreeable to both parties. The use of commercial mediation to resolve business disputes is steadily increasing because it is an excellent way to resolve a dispute through a formal process, at a much lower cost than civil litigation. It is important for both sides in the dispute to agree to the mediation process and to the appointment of the particular mediator.

Both parties must agree to use the services of a professional mediator to resolve the dispute and to be bound by the agreement that is reached.

While litigation may be necessary for certain disputes, it carries with it irreparable damage to business relationships.  Resolving issues through mediation may help to preserve or improve business relationships. In the current economy, businesses cannot afford months or years between court appearances or continued ruptures to business relationships.

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